Health4LGBTI: Final Conference

The International Network for Health Workforce have been invited you to the Final Conference of the Health4LGBTI project, which was launched in 2016 to increase our understanding of how best to reduce health inequalities experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) people, especially those in vulnerable situations. The Network will be providing insight from a health professional education and health workforce development point of view. 

The two half-day Conference will bring together the findings, discussions, and outputs of the project, in particular a training course for health professionals on how to reduce health inequalities. It will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the issues and identify ways forward at EU and national levels. Discussions will be structured around the following main axes: 

  • Placing the Health4LGBTI pilot project in its context: What does research at EU level show about prevalent health inequalities for LGBTI people? What are the challenges faced by both LGBTI people and health professionals? What steps are needed to address these challenges? Are there examples of good practice at national level? 
  • Engaging health professionals and stakeholders to address health inequalities for LGBTI people in Europe: How was the training package developed and how can it help health professionals overcome barriers? What are the lessons learnt from the piloting?
  • Next steps for policy change: What is the most effective way to address the health needs of LGBTI people and to involve health professionals? How can policy makers help? Are there initiatives that could serve as examples?

If you would like further information please contact David Smith