Thematic Network on Migration and Health - Update

On 15 September, the co-leaders of the Thematic Network on Migration and Health hosted a second face-to-face meeting, which was attended by INHWE Director, David Smith. The focus of the discussion was the Framing Document and Call to Action, with a primary focus on the latter. Participants were generally positive about both documents, and there was broad agreement that they did not require major reworking. A partial emphasis has been placed on the training of the health workforce to better deal with migrant health issues. Suggestions were also made about how to strengthen them, in particular the Call to Action, by making clearer links to global initiatives (e.g., SDGs, Global Consultations on Migrant Health, Global Compact on Migration), addressing more explicitly the criminalisation of migrants in an irregular situation and the impact on their health, and saying more about the role of medical association and health professionals in improving the accessibility of health systems.

If you would like further information or would like to add your comments to this project please contact David Smith